Ice cream

I prefer to call ice cream gelato because I work according to the Italian method. Fresh ingredients and our Italian recipe ensure a delicious taste.

I do not compromise on taste. I only work with the best ingredients. Vanilla ice cream is made with real Madagascar vanilla sticks. Chocolate from Callebaut gives the chocolate ice cream its typical taste. I enjoy turning strawberries from Hoogstraten into the strawberry ice cream and I only use Sicilian pistachios for the pistachio ice cream.

This is an overview of our available flavors. They are available in handy packs of 0.25l, 0.5l and 1l.

Vanilla | Strawberry | Chocolate | Stracciatella | Pistachio | Banana

Vanilla with speculoos | Vanilla with caramel | Coconut | Lactose free chocolate ice cream

Would you like to try our ice cream? Then pop into our store in Denderhoutem. Be sure to try our chocolate specialties.