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Did you know that you can also put your customers in the spotlight with chocolate? We are therefore happy to think along with you and make chocolate tailored to your company. This is a selection from our sweet offerings….

Surprise your customers with personalized chocolates

What could be more original than a chocolate with your company’s name or logo on it? They are guaranteed to leave a great impression and you can serve them with coffee or give them as a gift at one of your company events. Plus, you choose the composition yourself and we will make your personalized chocolates from 24 pieces.

Thank your staff with a chocolate package

At Easter and Christmas, we automatically think of chocolate. But there are also other moments such as birthdays, anniversaries, secretary’s day to give your team members (chocolate) flowers. Here too we are happy to think along with you and work out customized chocolate packages.

Would you like to know more about our personalized chocolate or are you looking for a completely customized chocolate range? Then visit the store or contact us. We are happy to provide you with more information.